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Realitycs : Real-Time Operational Analytics

Real-time analytics complements real-time operational systems. This is imperative for real-time analytics - the ability to use all the available data resources at your disposal to improve your operations and quality of service, at the moment they are called for. Static reports on data that are month-old or week-old, transforming operational data into spreadsheets - these have lost their relevance.

Retail today is a challenging business. A lot depends on how the retailer takes control of the entire range of activities, operations and processes. They are constantly striving for higher profit margins keeping their operating costs to minimum and it is very important to understand/analyze the key elements of the business. Building a capability for providing (near) real-time analytics can lend itself to an enduring competitive advantage for the retail organization.

The need for capturing real-time data is critical for the Retail Business. Praxis has been working with the “Retail IT” alignment theme for the last few years. Based on the competency and experience garnered Praxis understands the retailer’s need of the hour and is planning to offer a Retail BI solution “Realitycs”.

Please view our Online Demo for Realitycs here.

Realitycs is Praxis offering on Retail Operational Analytics space. It provides a platform for small and medium retailers through which they can monitor the health of their business (based on industry standard KPIs) on a (near) Real Time basis. This covers 4 major business functions Store Management, Category Management, Marketing and benchmarking and offers the following features to Retailers.

  • Integration with transactional systems (POS, Inventory, CRM and others) for Real-Time Operational Analytics
  • KPI driven dashboards for “Store Performance Management”
  • Critical value reporting at finger tips
  • Objective setup and monitoring at the enterprise level and
  • Scalable architecture and low TCO

Feature Set

  1. Default integration with standard POS devices like IBM 4690, NCR and is scalable to integrate with Inventory and CRM systems.
  2. Included built-in Parser for different TLOG files like SA, GSA, Matra & allows flexibility to integrate with all types of industry standard TLOG files
  3. Contains a standard Retail Data Model and supports integration with industry-standard RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server
  4. A rich set of operational reports along with providing "Business exception dashboard integrated with mail/sms"
  5. Role based access control to various user categories like Store manager/marketing manager/category manager etc
  6. Performance Management dashboards for monitoring the health of the business
  7. Defining objectives at the store / enterprise level for benchmarking and comparative reporting
  8. Business critical alerts and notification which in turn aids retailers in their day to day decision making
  9. Administrative functions
  10. The solution is packaged as a binary (installer) and can be deployed as a store management component (lightweight version) or an enterprise solution.
  11. The Store version of this tool enables the store manager to get a Real time view of the data (Transactional data) in a dashboard form and hence helps in terms of business tracking and monitoring on a day to day basis.
  12. Realitycs ver1.0 is web-based is implemented on MS platform and is available as a MS uniform solution

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